Region Crime Reference Photo Name Breed Sex Main Colour Height Stolen Date Status
Hampshire 44180434698 TOBY & BARNEY Cob GELDING TOBY BLACK 14hh 19/11/2018 Stolen
South Wales 1800012473 BILLY COOPER Cob GELDING PIEBALD 13.3 11/01/2018 Stolen
Ireland 14343603/17 SUZIE Irish Sport horse mare CHESTNUT 15HH 13/09/2017 Recovered
Kent 3303782/17 WHISPER Shetland MARE SILVER ROAN 10HH 24/02/2017 Recovered
Lincoln 16000307025 FALENA HEIKANT Standard Bred MARE Bay 14.00 04/10/2016 Stolen
East Yorkshire CJ/2214940/2016 Honey American Miniature mare Piebald 28" 16/09/2016 Stolen
Cheshire ZY/19919/16 Heidi American Miniature mare Skewbald   16/06/2016 Stolen
Staffordshire FZ-38161-2016 Avril + Foal Cob Mare Bay 12.2 31/05/2016 Stolen
Norfolk 364/32188/16   Shetland Male Grey 9.0 15/04/2016 Stolen
Northamptonshire NP/31148/15 Little Queenie Thoroughbred Mare Red/white 15hh 30/09/2015 Stolen
Horse Register 22DQ66173B15 Paris Thoroughbred x Irish Mare Bay 15hh 10/09/2015 Recovered
Horse Register Np/11096/15 Tory Shetland Mare Bay/white 26ins 05/06/2015 Stolen
Horse Register 54150044250 Josh Unknown Gelding Dark Bay 17.2hh 20/05/2015 Recovered
Horse Register 661/7/5/15 Tiverton Fiery Jack Welsh section A Stallion Grey   07/05/2015 Recovered
Horse Register 1416.06/0302015 Benny (Twentyten) Thoroughbred Gelding Bay 16.1hh 06/03/2015 Stolen
Horse Register C:15:D:10515 Not Known Hunter Gelding Skewbald 16hh 01/03/2015 Stolen
Horse Register 86/20/15/3 Bransby 017 Cob Gelding Black 13.2hh 20/02/2015 Recovered
Horse Register LC/00440/15-5 Sampson Minature British Spo Gelding white 34-35 inches 29/01/2015 Stolen
Horse Register 43140235455 Matilda Cob Type Filly Dark grey 13.2 03/11/2014 Recovered
Horse Register CVP-14-192945 Bam Bam American Miniature Mare red and white 30 inches 31/10/2014 Recovered
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