What is The Stolen Horse Register?

The Stolen Horse Register is a central repository of all horse, ponies and donkeys that have gone missing and presumed stolen in the United Kingdom. It is principally a communication vehicle allowing details of stolen equines to be disseminated to a wide circle very quickly.

The aim is that in time all persons involved in transactions with horses, e.g. persons buying an unknown horse, horse market operators, abbatoirs, Equine welfare (BHS, RSPCA, ILPH and others). etc. will check on the Stolen Horse Register before the transactions are complete. Persons observing suspicious goings on, where (say) a new horse turns up out of the blue somewhere, could check on the Stolen Horse Register.


We actively encourage organisations having an equine-related web site to link to The Stolen Horse Register in order to raise awareness of the problem and to promote vigilance. Please feel free therefore to include a link to www.stolenhorseregister.com in your site. Although you do not need to do it, we would be grateful if you would Contact us to let us know you have added a link.

Thank you for your co-operation and vigilance.

The various Horsewatch regions around the country can lodge details of stolen horses on the Stolen Horse Register. Anyone accessing the site thereafter is able to search the complete register on a number of criteria, including:

Horsewatch region and/or alternative contact details

The results of the search can be ordered in theft date order - past to present, or present to past. From this resultant search list, individual entries can be selected in order to display full details of the stolen animal (including photograph where available).